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10 Best AI Tools for Productive Moms to Get More Done

Updated: Mar 5

Computer screen that says "DO MORE."

As a working mother and C-suite executive, my life is a constant juggling act. My days are a blend of meetings, deadlines, school drop-offs, and, in between all that, I somehow manage to find time for the occasional cup of coffee (and on good days, a HIIT class!). It's a busy existence, and to thrive in it, efficiency isn't just nice to have - it's a necessity.

One of the ways I've managed to streamline my daily tasks and maximize my productivity recently is by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) tools. I've found that these tools can significantly lighten the load, helping me stay organized and efficient both at work and at home. Here are some of my favorite AI tools for productive moms.

Work Efficiently with AI

I've been asked many times, which are my favorite. There are so many out there and I don't claim to be the expert, but here are my current highest usage ones:

ChatGPT logo

The O.G., I pretty much have it as an open tab at all times, and consult it for everything from brainstorming how to handle a tricky employee situation, to helping me write performance reviews, to drafting a (near-perfect) press release, to now analyzing and visualizing data with the new ChatGPT-4 add-on Code Interpreter. I actively scan my to-do list for the day and asterisk any tasks where I could use it, so I can at least try and see what output it gives me, which helped me ingrain usage of the tool early on

2. Bard

Google logo

Google's AI chatbot. Bard is my go-to for anything requiring access to the internet, since ChatGPT 3's free version doesn't access the internet post September 2021. Think: latest stats about a company to prep for an upcoming prospect meeting, learning about what your competitors are launching, etc.

Perplexity logo and home screen

I'm starting to use this one more because it accesses the current internet, cites all of its sources, and prompts you with 3 additional related follow up questions. So.... right now it's quickly overtaking Bard for me because it's basically just a more accurate and trustworthy Bard. Haven't used it a ton yet though, so more to come.

Gamma home screen

Gamma is pretty epic. It's an AI-powered tool that helps you create presentations, documents, and webpages quickly and easily. You simply start by writing a few sentences about your topic (or a full outline if you prefer), and Gamma will use its AI to generate a beautiful, engaging presentation or document. You can then customize the output to your liking. It saves tons of time by automating the formatting and design of your presentations, documents, and webpages. You can even save your company's PowerPoint format or branding guidelines so the presentations look just like your old-fashioned manual ones. I've used this tool a LOT lately, especially for external Sales and B2B Marketing collateral, tailored for particular clients, as well as internal Learning & Development presentations. This one is a must-see!

Parabola program example

This one might win my #1 new tool MVP award. has been around for several years now as an automation tool, but recently launched some additional AI capabilities, and the whole thing is pretty mind-blowing. Parabola is a drag-and-drop productivity tool that runs entirely in your browser. It has a library of customizable, prebuilt components called Steps that anyone can use to pull in data, combine and transform it in bulk, and export it where you'd like - it's really easy to learn as a non-technical person. It's great for automating repetitive tasks, especially ones crossing over different types of software in your tech stack (think Excel to Salesforce to NetSuite and back again). And they recently launched several new AI tools that make its capabilities even more compelling. I've been exploring this a lot with my team recently and have been very impressed.

Fireflies home screen - AI assistant for meetings is an AI-powered meeting assistant that helps you transcribe, summarize, and analyze your meetings. It works by automatically recording your meetings and generating transcripts in real time. You can then use these transcripts to create meeting notes, share them with your team, and search for keywords. I've come to rely heavily on Fireflies - it saves me tons of time summarizing and sending out meeting notes!

Speechki logo

Speechki ChatGPT Plugin (right now only available for ChatGPT-4 Plus) is a browser extension that allows you to convert ChatGPT-generated text into audio. It works by using the Speechki text-to-speech engine to generate audio files from ChatGPT text. The audio files can be played back in your browser or downloaded for offline listening, and the voice sounds totally life-like. Think recording a how-to video for your website, instructional video for onboarding a new client, or training videos for new hires.

Home Efficiency with AI

At home, AI of course has come in the form of smart home devices and personal AI assistants for some time now. Devices like Amazon's Alexa or Google Home help me manage my household efficiently. From setting cooking timers to reminding me of my kids' upcoming school events, these tools have been invaluable in ensuring things run smoothly at home. However, there are some new options that have turbo-charged my efficiency at home running a busy house-hold. Here are some of my top ones.

Instacart app home screen

Ok, so Instacart has already been a fan favorite in my house for years to help us shop faster. But now things have gotten crazy with Instacart's new ChatGPT plugin (right now only available for ChatGPT-4 Plus). You literally ask it any question about a recipe or type of food that you like, it suggests a recipe after checking your dietary restrictions, generates a list of ingredients that you need to buy, and with the plug-in all the ingredients are added to your cart for one-click checkout. This is the stuff of dreams.

OpenTable logo

I don't know about you, but I spend a solid chunk of time every week or so checking a bunch of restaurant availability online for the hottest new restaurants in town, one by one. It doesn't help that now they're not all on OpenTable anymore but spread out across Resy, Yelp, Tock, etc. However, for those that are still on OpenTable, ChatGPT has a new plug-in (ChatGPT Plus only for now) that makes it really easy to type in what you're looking for (What's a trendy new San Francisco restaurant that recently opened in the past 6 months that has room for 2 people at dinner time on July 11th?) and get not only several answers, but direct links to book right there. Definitely a time-saver!

Laptop with Midjourney logo on screen

Last but not least, MidJourney makes my home efficiency list because we are currently building a home and in the furniture-buying process. I was having trouble visualizing what we wanted to do in different rooms, and thought I'd take a crack at using MidJourney to help. It's super weird at first - you create an account through Discord and basically access a group chatroom not too different from Slack, and then with "/imagine" prefacing your prompt, you ask it to generate any image of your choosing. The more specific you are in your prompt, the better, and it may take a few tries. But it will come up with high resolution beautiful images - four of them - and you can further generate variations from there, or select one of the four to turn into ultra-high resolution images. It really helped me get some starter designs for some of our rooms and outdoor areas!

Maintaining the Balance

Work-life balance isn't just about the division of time - it's about mental space as well. By using AI to handle routine tasks, I free up not just my schedule, but also my mental bandwidth. This allows me to be more present during family time, more focused during work, and even leaves some space for self-care.

In the end, embracing AI tools isn't about being more robotic. Instead, it's about making life a little more human, granting ourselves the time and energy to focus on what we truly value.

Of course, like any tool, AI isn't a magic bullet. It's essential to use these tools intentionally and mindfully to truly reap their benefits. But, implemented wisely, they can provide that extra boost needed to juggle the many balls in the air in the life of an exec mom.

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