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Critical First Baby Purchases: Things I Panic-Ordered on Amazon Right After My First Baby was Born

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

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In those blurry-eyed, adrenaline-fueled early days of motherhood, the sleepless nights and ceaseless diaper changes made my Amazon Prime account my most trusted companion. My shopping cart was a comical medley of needs, wants, and wild guesses at what might soothe my darling new addition, or even myself, into a few precious moments of tranquility.

Today, I'm going to take a wry, fond look back at my flurry of first baby purchases, the amusingly desperate and surprisingly useful things I impulsively clicked 'Add to Cart' on in those bewildering first weeks. If you're a new working mom navigating the enigmatic maze of parenthood, you're in the right place. This blog post isn't just a confessional; it's a testament to our shared, wonderful chaos. Strap in, ladies, it's about to get hilariously relatable!

Getting Your Infant to Sleep

yawning baby lying down
  • Babywise: Pretty much every couple we know has used this book's approach to scheduling and training your baby to sleep. They also have a free blog with helpful supplementary information.

  • Swaddles: We liked the Ollie swaddle the best, it's idiot-proof and fits teeny newborns. The Halo is good for when they're a bit bigger, and I could never for the life of me figure out how to use a regular cloth swaddle :) We ordered a few of these because they get spit up on regularly.

  • White noise: This is key to having them sleep! If you have time, you should read Happiest Baby on the Block about how to calm crying babies and aid sleep. You can also get The Shusher but it's on a 30-minute timer so I find our son would stir once it stops. We also have the Hatch Baby Rest white noise machine that has a nightlight too, as well as an app so you can control it from different rooms. We still use this, especially its schedule feature so our 4-year old son knows when he can leave his room in the morning so he doesn't wake us up too early :)

  • NoseFrida Saline Mist, Boogie Wipes, and Electric Nasal Aspirator: their little noses get stuffed up easily, so you can use the gentle saline mist spray first to loosen things up, and then the nasal aspirator to clear their passageways. Boogie wipes are useful too especially a they get older. I also got this Frida Baby humidifier/diffuser to help with the nasal situation overnight - bonus is this is also a nightlight.

Best First Baby Purchases for Pumping

old gas station pump
  • Haakaa silicone hand pump: I had no idea that when you're feeding on one side, the other leaks too. You suction this to your other side and it collects excess milk, which you can store for later. This way you're both saving your shirt / the couch / your baby from being covered in milk, and you're saving sometimes up to 4oz which can be a full feeding early on!

  • Breast Pump Bra: Assuming you already have a breast pump, I recommend getting a hands-free bra, otherwise you have to sit there and hold both sides in place with a regular pump.

  • Hands-free Electric Breast pump: Alternatively, you can splurge for the Willow which is awesome, it fits inside your bra and is totally hands-free. You can use FSA or HSA funds to cover the cost, and insurance may cover up to 40% of their cost - check their website for details. The link above also gets you 15% off! I used the Willow while working, and the Spectra/Medela at home, which is typically free through your insurance. Going on 2 kids and counting with the same Willow set - they last a long time!

Nursing and Milk Storage

row of milk jars
  • Nursing tanks and bras: Get lots of these so you're not having to do laundry daily. Plenty of options on Amazon and Target.

  • Kiinde milk storage starter kit: Lots of bottle and storage options, but I like the Kiinde because you can attach the bags right to your pump and then attach the Kiinde bottle to the bag so that you're not having to transfer milk multiple times.

  • Breast Milk Alcohol test strips: Because duh.

As I look back on that initial shopping frenzy, I chuckle at the comically large quantity of diaper rash cream that now populates the back of my closet, the stack of self-help books gathering dust on my nightstand, and the endless sea of pacifiers that never quite made the cut. But amongst these questionable decisions, I also found gems – the soothing white noise machine, the miracle swaddle blanket, the multi-tasking breast pump. It's these lifesavers, the unlikely heroes of early motherhood, that I'm truly grateful for.

So, to all you new working moms out there, remember: it's okay to panic, it's okay to over-prepare, and it's perfectly fine to hit that 'One-Click Order' button more times than you'd like to admit. After all, this is the chaotic, beautiful journey of parenthood we've embarked on. It's a ride that often feels like it's fueled by caffeine and Amazon deliveries, but it's also filled with love, laughter, and the joy of learning on the go. Trust me, you're doing great - and yes, you absolutely do need that eighth pack of baby wipes.

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